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1-800-FLOWERS ( T James McCann, CEO  T  FLWS (NASDAQ)
23andMeE Ms Anne Wojcicki, Founder (Bio)www  T  F  Y  
3M (MMM)E T Mr Inge G Thulin, CEOwww  M   ECS  MMM (NYSE100)
4Moms (For Moms, Four Moms, Thorley Industries LLC)E Mr Robert Daley, CEOwww  T  F  Y  P   ECS   EPR   EHR  

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A and E TV Networks (A&E TV Networks)E T Ms Abbe Raven, CEOwww  
A. SchulmanTJoseph M. Gingo, CEOwww  M   ECS  
A.B. Aardhill RetailE Mr Todd Aardhill, CEO EHR  
A.G. EdwardsE T Robert L. Bagby, CEOwww  M   ECS  
A.O. SmithTPaul W. Jones, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Abbott LaboratoriesE T Mr Miles D. White, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  

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AbbvieE Mr Richard A. Gonzalez, CEO (Bio)www  

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ABC Entertainment Group (American Broadcasting Company)Mr Paul Lee, President
Abercrombie and Fitch (Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister)E T Mr Arthur Martinez, Executive Chairmanwww  T  M  
AbitibiBowaterTDavid J. Paterson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ABM IndustriesE T Henrik C. Slipsager, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ABsize Inc
Absolute SoftwareE T Mr Geoff Haydon, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y   EHR  

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Academi (Blackwater, XE Services)E T Mr Chris Sorenson, President (Bio)
www    M   ECS   EPR  

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Academy SportsE Mr Rodney Faldyn, CEOwww  
AccentureE Pierre Nanterme, CEOwww  T  ACN (NYSE100)
Access Media 3 (AM3)E Mr Scott Rediger, CEO (Bio)www  
ACCO BrandsE T Mr Boris Elisman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ACM RecordsE Ms Eve Adams, President (Bio)www  T  
Activision BlizzardE Mr Robert A. Kotick, CEOwww  T  F  

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IR website  
Activision PublishingE Mr Eric Hirshberg, CEOwww  
Acuity BrandsE T Vernon J. Nagel, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Adidas USA
Adobe SystemsE T Mr Shantanu Narayen, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   ECS  Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
AdonitCEO ECS  
Adore Me (AdoreMe)E Mr Morgan Hermand-Waiche, CEOwww  T  
ADT SecurityNaren Gursahaney, CEOwww  T  
Advance America (AdvanceAmerica)E J. Patrick O'Shaughnessy, CEOwww  T  
Advance Auto PartsE T Mr Darren R. Jackson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Advanced Micro DevicesE T Mr Hector de J. Ruiz, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Adventures in Missions (World Race, The World Race)E T Mr Seth Barnes, CEO
AECOMMr Michael S. Burke, CEO (Bio)www  
AeropostaleTMr Thomas Johnson, CEOT   ECS   EHR  
AES Corporation
AetnaE T Mr Mark T. Bertolini, CEOwww  M  
AFC Enterprises (Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits)E Ms Cheryl A. Bachelder, CEO (Bio)www  
Affiliated Computer ServicesE T Lynn R. Blodgett, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Affiliated Managers Group E T Mr Sean M. Healey, CEOwww  
Affinia Group Intermediate HoldingsTTerry R. McCormick, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Affinion GroupE T Mr Todd Siegel, CEO  
AFLACE T Mr Daniel P. Amos, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Aftermath Music (Aftermathmusic)Dre, CEO
AGCOTMr Martin H. Richenhagen, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Agilent TechnologiesTMr William Sullivan, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AgilysysTArthur Rhein, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AGL ResourcesTJohn W. Somerhalder II, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Ahura ScientificMr Doug Kahn, CEOwww  
AIG (American International Group)E T Mr Peter Hancock, CEOwww  M   TCS  AIG (NYSE100)
AIG Life and RetirementE T Mr Jay S. Wintrob, CEOwww    
AimcoE T Mr Terry Considine, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Air Products & ChemicalsE T Mr John E. McGlade, CEOwww  M   ECS  

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Airbnb (Air BNB)E Mr Brian Chesky, CEO (Bio)www  T  

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AirgasE T Mr Peter McCausland, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Airserv (Omniserv)E Thomas J. Marano, CEO
AirTran (Air Tran)E T Mr Robert Fornaro, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  Part of SouthWest Airlines
AK Steel HoldingTMr James L. Wainscott, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AkamaiE Paul Sagan, CEOwww  
Al Jazeera AmericaMr Ehab Al Shihabi, CEO
AlbemarleTMr Chris Gillespie, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Albertsons (Supervalu, United Supermarkets)E Mr Robert Miller, CEOwww  T  F  Y  P  
AlcoaE T Mr Klaus Kleinfeld, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  
Alden Global CapitalMr Randall Smith, Principal
Alentus (Areti)E Mr William King, CEO
Aleris InternationalE T Steven J. Demetriou, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Alex and AniGiovanni Feroce, CEOT  F  Y  P  

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Alexander & BaldwinTMr Stanley M. Kuriyama, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  

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CSR website  
Alexander McQueenE T Mr Jonathan Akeroyd, CEOwww    T  M  
Alexion PharmaceuticalsE Dr Leonard Bell, CEO (Bio)www  Major Pharmaceuticals
AlfrescoE Mr Doug Dennerline, CEO (Bio)www  
Alibaba Group (AliExpress)E Mr Jonathan Lu, CEO
Alicart Restaurant Group (Carmine's)E Mr Jeffrey Bank, CEO
Allegheny TechnologiesTL. Patrick Hassey, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AllerganE T Mr David E. I. Pyott, CEOwww  M   ECS  AGN (NYSE100)
Allerta (Pebble, GetInPulse)E Mr Eric Migicovsky, CEOwww  T   ECS   EPR  
Alliance Data SystemsE T Mr Ed Hefferman, CEOwww  M   TCS   ECS  
Alliance One InternationalTRobert E. Harrison, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Alliant EnergyTWilliam D. Harvey, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Alliant TechsystemsE T Daniel J. Murphy, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Allied Waste IndustriesTMr John J. Zillmer, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Allstate Financial (Allstate Insurance)E T Mr Don Civgin, CEOwww  M   TCS  
AlltelTScott T. Ford, CEOwww  M  
AllureLinda Wells, EditorCondé Nast
Ally FinancialE Mr Michael A. Carpenter, CEOwww  
Alpha IndustriesE T Mr Mike Cirker, CEO
Alpha Natural ResourcesTMichael J. Quillen, CEOwww  M  
Alsbridge (Sourcing Leadership, Outsourcing Leadership)E Mr Chip Wagner, CEO
Altria Group (Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, John Middleton, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Philip Morris Capital Corporation)E T Mr Martin J. Barrington, CEO (Bio)www  M  

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MO (NYSE100)
Amazon (Amazon Kindle, Amazon Prime, Amazon Studios, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Fire Tablet, Twitch)E T Mr Jeffrey P. Bezos, CEO (Bio)www  M  

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Amazon KindleMr Dave Limp, Vice President
Amazon PrimeE Mr Greg Greeley, Vice Presidentwww  
Amazon Web Services (AWS)E Mr Andrew Jassy, Senior VPwww  T  

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AMC EntertainmentTPeter C. Brown, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)E Mr Rory Read, CEO (Bio)www  T  
AmercoTEdward J. Shoen, CEOwww  M  
AmerenE T Mr Warner L. Baxter, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
America's VoiceE T Mr Frank Sharry, Director (Bio)www  T  F  Y  
American Airlines GroupE T Mr Doug Parker, CEOwww  T  AAL (NASDAQ)
American ApparelMs Paula Schneider, CEOAmerican Apparel Store Locator

American Automobile Association (AAA)E Mr Robert Darbelnet, CEOwww  
American Axle & ManufacturingTRichard E. Dauch, CEOwww  M   EHR  
American Blue Ribbon Holdings (O'Charley's, O'Charleys, Ninety Nine, 99, Max & Erma's, Village Inn, Bakers Square)E Mr Hazem Ouf, CEOT   TPR  

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American Eagle OutfittersTMr James V. O'Donnell, CEOwww  M   ECS  
American Electric PowerTMr Michael G. Morris, CEOwww  M   ECS  
American Express (Amex)E T Mr Kenneth I. Chenault, CEOwww  T  M  AXP (NYSE100)
American Family Insurance GroupTMr David R. Anderson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
American Financial GroupTwww  M   ECS  
American GreetingsE T Mr Zev Weiss, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  
American Humane Assocation (AHA)E T Ms Robin Ganzert, Presidentwww  T  

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American National InsuranceTRobert L. Moody, CEOwww  M   ECS  
American Tower
AmeriCreditTDaniel E. Berce, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AmerigroupTJames G. Carlson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AmeriParkE Mr Chip Patterson, CEOT   EHR  
Ameriprise FinancialE T Mr James M. Cracchiolo, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AmerisourceBergenE T Mr Steven H. Collis, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
AmetekTFrank S. Hermance, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AmgenE T Mr Robert A. Bradway, CEOwww    M  Biotechnology: Biological Products (No Diagnostic Substances)
Amkor TechnologyE T James J. Kim, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AmphenolTMartin H. Loeffler, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AMRE T Gerard J. Arpey, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AmtrakE T Mr Joseph H. Boardman, CEO (Bio)www  T  
AmTrust Financial ServicesMr Barry Zyskind, CEO
AmwayE Doug DeVos, Presidentwww  

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Anadarko PetroleumE T Mr R. A. Walker, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  

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Analog DevicesE T Mr Vincent T. Roche, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  

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Ancestry.comE T Mr Timothy Sullivan, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   ECS   EPR   TPR   EIR  

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Owned by Permira
AndersonsTMr Michael J. Anderson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AndrewTFrank M. Drendel, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AngelListNaval Ravikant, CEOT  
Anixter InternationalTMr Robert J. Eck, CEO (Bio)www  M  
Annaly Capital ManagementTCEOwww  M   ECS  
AnnTaylor StoresTKatherine Krill, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AOL (CompuServe, Patch)E Mr Tim Armstrong, Chief Executivewww  
Aon PlcE T Mr Gregory C. Case, CEOwww  M   ECS   EHR  
Apache CorpE T Mr John J. Christmann, CEO (Bio)www  M   EHR  

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Apax PartnersE Mr Andrew Sillitoe, Joint CEOT   EIR  
Apax PartnersE Mr Mitch Truwit, Joint CEOT   EIR  
Apollo Global Management (AGM)Leon Black, CEO
Apollo GroupTBrian E. Mueller, CEOwww  M  
AppleE Sir Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer (Bio)www  M   ECS  

Jobs website  
AppleE Mr Paul Deneve, VP Special Projectswww  
AppleMs Angela Ahrendts, SVP Retail (Bio)www  
AppleE Mr Philip W. Schiller, SVP Worldwide Marketing
AppleE Mr Marc Newson, SVP Design
Apple (and Apple Store)E T Mr Tim Cook, CEO (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
Apple iTunesMr Eddy Cue, SVPwww  T  
AppleraTTony L. White, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Applied Industrial TechnologiesTDavid L. Pugh, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Applied MaterialsTMr Michael R. Splinter, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AppNexus (, Mr Brian O'Kelley, CEO (Bio)www  
AppNinjasMr John Waldron, CEOwww   ECS  
Apria Healthcare GroupE T Mr Dan Starck, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
AptarGroupTPeter H. Pfeiffer, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AramarkTMr Joseph Neubauer, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Arch CoalE T Steven F. Leer, CEOwww  M  
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)E T Ms Juan R. Luciano, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS   EPR  

Jobs website  
Ariat InternationalE Ms Beth Cross, CEO
AriseE T John Meyer, CEOwww  T  
Arkansas BestTRobert A. Davidson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Armani ExchangeE T Mr Harlan Bratcher, CEOwww  T   ECS  
Armstrong World IndustriesTMichael D. Lockhart, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Arrow ElectronicsE T Mr Michael Long, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Arthur J. GallagherTJ. Patrick Gallagher Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  
Aruba PetroleumE T Mr James Poston, CEOPart of OxOil
ArvinMeritorTCharles G. McClure Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  
AsanaE Mr Dustin Moskovitz, CEO (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
Asbury Automotive GroupTMr Charles R. Oglesby, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ASGArt Allen, CEO
AshlandTMr William A. Wulfsohn, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Ashley Furniture
Ashley MadisonE T Mr Noel Biderman, CEO
AspentechE T Mr Mark Fusco, CEO
www    T   ECS   EPR   TPR  

Jobs website  
Associated EstatesE Mr Jeffrey I. Friedman, CEO
AssurantTMr Robert B. Pollock, CEOwww  M  
AstroGamingE T Brett Lovelady, Presidentwww  T  M   ECS  
AT & T (AT&T, AT&T U-Verse, AT&T UVerse)E T Mr Randall L. Stephenson, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  T (NYSE100)
AT & T Mobility (AT&T Mobility) (Cingular Wireless LLC)E T Ralph de la Vega, CEO (Bio)M  

Jobs website  
AtariE Jim Wilson, CEOwww  T  
Atlassian (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Hipchat)E Mr Scott Farquhar, CEO (Bio)www  T   EPR  

Jobs website  
AtmelTSteven Laub, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Atmos EnergyE T Robert W. Best, Executive Chairman (Bio)www    T  M   ECS  

Jobs website  
Attachmate (NetIQ, Novell, SUSE)E Mr Jeff Hawn, CEOwww  T  
Auction.comMr Jeff Frieden, CEO
Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)Audrey Hepburnwww  
Austin MahoneAustin MahoneT  
Authentic Brands Group (ABG, Juicy Couture)E Mr James Salter, CEO (Bio)www   ECS  
AuthorHouse PublishingE Mr Kevin Weiss, Chief Executivewww  
Auto-Owners InsuranceE T Mr Roger L. Looyenga, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Auto-Owners InsuranceE Roger L. Looyengaa, CEO
autoanything.comE Mr Selwyn Klein, CEOwww  
AutodeskE T Carl Bass, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AutolivE T Mr Jan Carlson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Automatic Data ProcessingTMr Gary C. Butler, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Automobile Club of Southern CaliforniaE T Mr Robert Bouttier, CEO
AutoNationTMr Michael J. Jackson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
AutoZoneE T Mr William C. Rhodes III, CEOwww  T  F  Y  M   ECS  

Jobs website  
Avalanche (International Internet Holdings, Strahlberg, CEOT  
AvayaE Mr Kevin Kennedy, CEO (Bio)www  T  
Avention (OneSource Information Services, SalesQuest CRUSH)E T Mr Steve Pogorzelski, CEOwww    T  F  M   TCS   ECS  
Avery DennisonTMr Dean A. Scarborough, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Avis Budget GroupE T Mr Ronald L. Nelson, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  
AVL Digital Group (HostBaby, Host Baby, CD Baby, Disc Makers, Book Baby)E Mr Tony van Veen, CEO
AvnetE T Mr Roy A. Vallee, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Avon ProductsE T Ms Sheri McCoy, CEO (Bio)www    M  
AVOS Systems (MixBit)Chad Hurley
AWASE Mr Raymond Sisson, CEO
AXS TVE Mr Mark Cuban, ChairmanT  
B/E Aerospace (BE Aerospace)E T Mr Amin J. Khoury, CEOwww    M  
Bacardi (Bombay, Dewar's, Grey Goose, Martini, Noilly Prat)E Mr Michael J. Dolan, CEO (Bio)www  
Backyard BrainsE Mr Greg Gage, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Bad Robot ProductionsMr J. J. Abrams, Owner
BaiduE T Mr Robin Li, CEOwww  Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
Bain CapitalE Mr Mitt Romney, Founder
Bain CapitalE T Mr Stephen Pagliuca, Managing Director
Baker & McKenzie
Baker HughesE T Mr Martin Craighead, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   ECS  

Jobs website  
Baldor ElectricTJohn A. McFarland, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BallE T Mr John Hayes, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Banana RepublicE Mr Jack Calhoun, President
BancTecE J. Coley Clark, CEOwww  T  
Bank of AmericaE T Mr Brian Moynihan, CEOwww  T  M  BAC (NYSE100)
Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon)E T Mr Gerard L. Hassell, CEO (Bio)www  M  BK (NYSE100)
Bank Rhode Island (Bank RI)Mark J. Meiklejohn, CEO (Bio)www  
Banners BrokerMr Chris Smith, CEO
Barclays Bank Delaware (Juniper Bank, Barclaycard US)E T Mr Amer Sajed, CEOwww  M  
Barclays CenterE T Mr Brett Yormark, CEOT  
Barnes and Noble (Nook, Barnes and Noble)E T Mr Leonard Riggio, Executive Chairman (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Barneys New YorkE Mark Lee, CEOwww  
Barr PharmaceuticalsTBruce L. Downey, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Bart DecremBart Decrem
Baxter InternationalE T Mr Robert L. Parkinson Jr., CEO (Bio)www  T  M   EPR   TPR  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
Bay FilmsE Mr Michael Bay, CEOwww  
Bay Street Brands
BB&T Corp.TMr John A. Allison IV, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BBDOE T Mr Andrew J. Robertson, CEOwww   TCS  
Beachmint ( T Josh Berman, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  
Beacon Roofing SupplyTRobert R. Buck, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Bear StearnsE T Mr Alan D. Schwartz, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BearingPointTF. Edwin Harbach, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Beats by Dr Dre (Beats by Dre, Beats by Dr. Dre)Mr Jimmy Iovine, CEOwww  T  
BeboE Mr Adam Levin, CEOT  Owned by Criterion Capital Partners
Beckman Coulter DiagnosticsE T Mr Arnd Kaldowski, President (Bio)www  M  
Beckman Coulter Life SciencesE T Ms Jennifer Honeycutt, President (Bio)www  M  
Becton DickinsonTMr Edward J. Ludwig, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Becton Dickinson (BD)
Bed Bath & BeyondE T Mr Steven H. Temares, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Beef Products IncE Eldon Roth, CEOwww  T  
BeldenTJohn S. Stroup, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BelkTThomas M. Belk Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  
BelkinE Chet Pipkin, CEOwww  T  
Bellami HairE Mr Julius Salerno, CEO
BelronE Mr Gary Lubner, CEOwww  
BeltoneE Todd Murray, CEOwww  
BemisTMr Henry J. Theisen, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BenchmarkE Mr Matt Cohler, Partner
Benchmark ElectronicsTMr Cary T. Fu, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Benefit CosmeticsE Mr Jean-André Rougeot, CEO EPR  
Berggruen HoldingsE T Mr Nicolas Berggruen, Presidentwww    
Berkshire HathawayE T Mr Warren Buffett, CEOwww  M  BRKB (NYSE100)
Berry Plastics GroupTMr Ira G. Boots, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Best Buy ( T Mr Hubert Joly, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   EPR  

Jobs website  
Best Buy OnlineE Mr Hubert Joly, PresidentT  
BetabrandE Mr Chris Lindland, CEOwww  
BetaworksE T John Borthwick, CEOwww  T  Part of Betaworks
Big LotsTMr Steven S. Fishman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BikantaDr Ambika Bumb, CEO
Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationE Mr Bill Gates, Chairwww   ECS  
Binny's Beverage DepotE Michael Binstein, CEOwww  
Biogen IdecE T Dr George A. Scangos, CEOwww  M  Biotechnology: Biological Products (No Diagnostic Substances)
BioMarinE T Mr Jean-Jacques Bienaime, CEO (Bio)www    M   EPR   EIR  
BiometTJeffrey R. Binder, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Bitcoin Foundation (Bit Coin Foundation, Bitcoins)E Mr Patrick Murck, Executive Director (Bio)www  
BizChair.comMr Sean Belnick, CEOwww  
BJ ServicesE T James W. Stewart, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BJ's Restaurant and BrewhouseMr Greg Trojan, CEO EIR  
BJ's Wholesale ClubTLaura Sen, CEOwww  M   ECS   EPR   TPR  

Jobs website  
Black & DeckerE T Nolan D. Archibald, CEOwww  M   ECS  
BlackRock (Black Rock)E T Mr Laurence D. Fink, CEOwww  T  M  
Blackstone GroupTMr Stephen A. Schwarzman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Blizzard EntertainmentE Mr Michael Morhaime, CEOwww  

Jobs website  
Blockbuster (Blockbusters)TJames W. Keyes, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Blogger ( of Google
Blogspot ( of Google
BloombergE Mr Michael Bloomberg, CEOwww  
Bloomberg MediaMr Justin Smith, CEO
Bloomin' Brands (Outback Steakhouse, OSI, Carrabba's, Bonefish Grill, Fleming's, Roy's)E T Ms Liz Smith, CEOwww  F   EIR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
BloomingdalesE Michael Gould, CEO (Bio)www  T  
Blue Shield
BlueLinx HoldingsTHoward S. Cohen, CEOwww  M  
BlurbE Eileen Gittins, CEOwww  T  
BMI (Broadcast Music Inc)E T Mr Del Bryant, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  

Jobs website  
BMO Harris BankE T William Downe, CEO (Bio)T  

Jobs website  
BoardProspectsMr Mark Rogers, CEO TPR  
Bob Evans FarmsTSteven A. Davis, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Bob VilaMr Bob Vila, CEOT  F  Y  P  
Bob's Discount FurnitureE Mr Edmond J. English, CEOwww  
Bodybuilding.comE Ryan DeLuca, CEOwww  T   ECS  
BoeingE T Mr W. James McNerney Jr., CEO (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
BA (NYSE100)
Boies, Schiller & FlexnerE T Mr David Boies, Chairman  
Boise Cascade HoldingsE T W. ThomasStephens, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Bon-Ton StoresE T Mr Brendan Hoffman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Boom Social (BoomSocial)E Ms Kim Garst, CEOwww  F  
Booz Allen Hamilton Holdingswww  
BordersE T Mike Edwards, CEOwww  M  
BorgWarner (Borg Warner)E T Mr James R. Verrier, CEO (Bio)www  M  
BoseE T Mr Bob Maresca, Presidentwww  T  M  
Boston CelticsE Mr Stephen Pagliuca, Co-Owner
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)E Mr Rich Lesser, CEOwww  
Boston Red SoxLarry Lucchino, CEO ECS  
Boston ScientificE T Mr Michael F. Mahoney, CEO (Bio)www  M  
BoxE T Mr Aaron Levie, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   EPR  

Jobs website  
Boyd GamingTKeith E. Smith, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Breather.comMr Julien Smith, CEOwww  F   ECS   EPR  

Jobs website  
Breville USA
Bridgestone FirestoneE Gary Garfield, CEO (Bio)www  T  

Jobs website  
Bridgewater AssociatesMr Ray Dalio, CEO
Briggs & Stratton (Basco)E T Mr Todd J. Teske, CEOwww  T  M   ECFO  
BrightpointTRobert J. Laikin, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Brink'sTMichael T. Dan, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Brinker InternationalE T Wyman Roberts, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS, Bristol Myers Squibb)E T Mr Lamberto Andreotti, CEO (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
Bristow GroupE T Jonathan E. Baliff, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
BroadcomE T Mr Scott A. McGregor, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Brookdale Senior LivingTW.E. Sheriff, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Brown ShoeE T Diane Sullivan, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
Brown-FormanTPaul C. Varga, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Brueggers BagelsE Mr Claude Bergeron, CEO (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
BrunswickE T Dustan E. McCoy, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Buckeye Partnerswww  
Buffalo TechnologyE Mr Hajime Nakai, CEO
Buffalo Wild WingsE Sally J. Smith, CEOBWLD (NASDAQ)
BufferE Joel Gascoigne, CEO (Bio)www  T   ECS  

Jobs website  
Build-a-Bear (BuildaBear, Build a Bear)E Ms Sharon Price John, CEOwww  T  
Building Materials HoldingTRobert E. Mellor, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Bungie (Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, Marathon)E Mr Harold Ryan, President
Burger King (BurgerKing)E T Mr Daniel Schwartz, CEOwww  T  M  
Burlington Coat FactoryTMr Mark A. Nesci, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Burlington Northern Santa FeE T Mr Matthew K. Rose, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Burson-MarstellerMr Don Baer, CEO
Burt's Bees
BushmasterOwned by Cerberus Capital
Business InsiderE Henry Blodget, CEOwww  T  
Business On Market StE Mr Bob Afsari, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  P   ECS  
buy.comE T Roger Andelin, CEOwww  T  M  
BuzzFeedE Mr Jonah Peretti, CEO (Bio)www  T  
BuzzStreamE T Mr Paul May, CEO (Bio) ECS  
C.H. Robinson WorldwideTMr John P. Wiehoff, CEOwww  M   ECS  
C.R. BardTTimothy M. Ring, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CATJohn A. Swainson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CA Technologies (Computer Associates, CA Technology) (Bio)www  
Cabela'sTDennis Highby, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Cablevision SystemsE T Mr James L. Dolan, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CabotTPatrick M. Prevost, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CacheE Mr Jay Margolis, CEO (Bio)www  
IR website  
CACI InternationalE T Mr Kenneth Asbury, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CadillacE Mr Johan de Nysschen, President
Caesars Entertainment CorporationE Mr Gary Loveman, CEO (Bio)www  Hotels/Resorts
Caesars PalaceE Gary Selesner, Presidentwww  T  
Cafe PressE Bob Marino, CEOT  
CalDigitTwww     ECS  
California Highway Patrol (CHP)E T Mr Joe Farrow, Commissioner
California Pizza Kitchen
CalpineTMr Robert P. May, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Calumet Specialty ProductsTMr F. William Grube, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Calvin KleinE Mr Steve Shiffman, CEOwww  T  
Cameron InternationalTMr Jack B. Moore, CEOwww  M  
Campbell SoupTMr Douglas R. Conant, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Campbell's Soup (Campbell Soup)E Ms Denise Morrison, CEOwww  
Canon USAE T Mr Yoruku (Joe) Adachi, CEOwww    
Capital GroupMr David Fisher, Chairmanwww  
Capital One Financial (CapitalOne Financial)E T Mr Richard D. Fairbank, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Capital SafetyE Mr Stephen Oswald, CEO
CarboniteE David Friend, CEOwww  T  
Cardinal HealthTMr George S. Barrett, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Career EducationTGary E. McCullough, CEOwww  M  
CareerBuilder (Career Builder, Broadbean)E Mr Matt Ferguson, CEO (Bio)www  T  

Jobs website  
Cargill (Bio)www  
Caribbean AirlinesE Michael DiLollo, COO (Bio)www  T  
CarlisleTDavid A. Roberts, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Carlson (Carlson Wagonlit, Park Inn, Park Plaza, Regent, Radisson, Radisson Blu,TGI Friday's)E Ms Trudy Rautio, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  

Jobs website  
Carlyle Group (The Carlyle Group)Mr William E. Conway, CEO (Bio)www  Investment Managers
CarMaxTwww  M   ECS  
Carmen Marc Valvowww  T  F  
Carnival (Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Yachts of Seabourn, P&O Cruises, Cunard Line, AIDA, Costa Cruises, Iberocruceros)E T Mr Arnold Donald, CEOwww  T   EPR   EChairman  
Carpenter TechnologyTAnne Stevens, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Carrier IQE Larry Lenhart, CEOwww  
Carrier TransicoldMark Cywilko, CEO
Case FoundationSteve Case, CEO
Casey's General StoresE T Robert J. Myers, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Caseys General StoreE Mr Robert Myers, CEO (Bio)www  
Cash2U Loans (Cash-2-U Payday and Title Loans)Louis Seo, CEOwww  
Catalent Pharmawww  T  
Caterpillar (Caterpiller)E T Mr Douglas Oberhelman, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  CAT (NYSE100)
CausesE Mr Matt Mahan, CEOwww  
CB Richard Ellis GroupE T Mr Brett White, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CBRE GroupE Mr Robert E Sulentic, CEOwww  
CBRL GroupTMichael A. Woodhouse, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CBSE T Mr Leslie Moonves, CEOwww  M  
CBS Interactive ( Mr Jim Lanzone, CEO
CelaneseE T Mr David N. Weidman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Celebrity Net Worth
Celgene CorporationE T Mr Robert J. Hugin, CEO (Bio)www  Major Pharmaceuticals
CenteneE T Mr Michael F. Neidorff, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS   EPR   EIR   TIR   EHR  
IR website  
CSR website  
Centerbridge Partners (P.F. Chang's China Bistro)E T Mr Mark Gallogly, Principal
CenterPoint EnergyE T Mr David M. McClanahan, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CentexTTimothy R. Eller, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Central Garden & PetTWilliam E. Brown, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Century AluminumTMr Logan W. Kruger, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CenturyLink (QWest, CenturyTel, Savvis, Embarq)E T Mr Glen Post, CEOwww  T  M  
CenveoE T Mr Robert G. Burton Sr., CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Cerberus Capital ManagementTMr Stephen A. Feinberg, CEO (Bio)www  M   EPR   TPR   EHR  
CeridianE T Mr David Ossip, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
CF Industries HoldingsTMr Stephen R. Wilson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CGIGidi Cohen, CEO (Bio)www  
CH2M HillE T Mr Jacqueline Hinman, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Champs Sports
Chaparral SteelTMario Longhi, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Charles SchwabE T Mr Walter W. Bettinger II, CEOwww  T  F  M   TCS   EPR   TPR  
Charming ShoppesTMr Dorrit J. Bern, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Charter CommunicationsE T Mr Thomas Rutledge, CEOwww  M  
Chegg (CourseRank)E Mr Dan Rosensweig, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y   EPR  
ChemturaTRobert L. Wood, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Cheniere EnergyE Mr Charif Souki, CEOwww    
Chesapeake EnergyE T Mr Robert D. Lawler, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Chevron (Texaco)E T Mr John S. Watson, CEOwww    T  F  M  CVX (NYSE100)
Chicago TribuneGerould W. Kern, Editorwww  T  
Chick-Fil-AE Mr Dan Cathy, CEO
Chickie's & Pete'sE Mr Pete Ciarrocchi, Owner
Chico's FASTScott A. Edmonds, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Children's Museum of PhoenixE T Ms Kate Wells, Chief ExecutiveT  
Children's Place Retail StoresTMr Charles K. Crovitz, CEOwww  M  
Chipotle Mexican GrillE Mr Steve Ells, Co-CEOwww  
Chipotle Mexican GrillE Montgomery F. Moran, Co-CEO
Chiquita Brands InternationalTMr Fernando Aguirre, CEOwww  M   ECS (

Jobs website  
Christmas CenterT  
Chrysler (Dodge)E Sergio Marchionne, CEOwww  
CHSE T Mr John D. Johnson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ChubbE T Mr John D. Finnegan, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Church & DwightTJames R. Craigie, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Morman Church, LDS Church)Mr Thomas Monson, Presidentwww  T  
CignaE T Mr David Cordani, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  

Jobs website  
Cincinnati FinancialTJohn J. Schiff Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  
Cinemark HoldingsTAlan W. Stock, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CintasTScott D. Farmer, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Circuit City StoresTPhilip J. Schoonover, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Cisco (Cisco Systems)E T Mr John Chambers, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  CSCO (NASDAQ)
CIT GroupTJeffrey M. Peek, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CitadelE Mr Kenneth Griffin, CEO
Citi Cards (Citicards, Citi Credit Cards)E Mr Jud Linville, CEOwww  
Citibank (Citigroup, Citi Bank, Citi Group)E T Mr Michael Corbat, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
C (NYSE100)
Citibank North America (Citibank N.A.)Mr William Rhodes, CEO
CitimortgageMr Sanjiv Das, CEO
Citizens CommunicationsTMs Mary Agnes Wilderotter, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Citizens Financial Group (Citizens Bank, RBS Americas)E Mr Bruce Van Saun, CEOPart of RBS Group
Citrix SystemsE Mr David J. Henshall, acting CEOwww  
Claims Compensation Bureau (CCB)
Clarian Labs (Clarian Mobile, Clarian Technologies)E Mr Chad Maglaque, CEO
Clear Channel Communications (ClearChannel)E T Mr Bob Pittman, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  
Cleveland-CliffsTJoseph A. Carrabba, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Cliffs Natural Resourceswww  
Clockwork Home Services (Mister Sparky, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning)E T Mr Scott Boose, Presidentwww    

Jobs website  
CloroxE T Mr Donald R. Knauss, CEOwww  T  M  
CloudFlareE T Matthew Prince, CEOwww  T  F  
CME GroupE T Craig S. Donohue, CEOwww  M   ECS  Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service
CMS EnergyTMr David W. Joos, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CoachE T Mr Lew Frankfort, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  
Coca Cola Company (Coke, CocaCola Company)E T Mr Muhtar Kent, President & CEO (Bio)www  T  M   EPR   ECFO  

Jobs website  
KO (NYSE100)
Coca-Cola EnterprisesE T Mr John F. Brock, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Coca-Cola InternationalMr Ahmet Bozer, President
Cockpit USA (Avirex)E T Jacky Clyman, CEOwww  T   EPR  
Cognizant Technology SolutionsE T Mr Francisco D'Souza, CEOwww  M   ECS  EDP Services
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLCBudge Huskey, CEO
Cole HaanE Mr Jack Boys, CEOwww  T   TCS   ECS  Owned by Apax Partners
Coleman CompanyE Mr Robert Marcovitch, CEOwww  
Colgate-Palmolive (Colgate Palmolive)E T Mr Ian M. Cook, CEO (Bio)www  M  CL (NYSE100)
Collective BrandsTMatthew E. Rubel, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Collective Licensing International (CLI, Airwalk)E Bruce Pettet, CEO
CollectriumTMr Boris Pevzner, CEO
Colonial BancgroupTRobert E. Lowder, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Combined SystemsE Mr Don Smith, CEOwww  Manufacturer of teargas
Comcast Corporation (Xfinity, Comcast Ventures)E T Mr Brian L. Roberts, CEO (Bio)www  T  Y  M   ECFO  

Jobs website  
IR website  
Television Services
ComericaTRalph W. Babb Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  
Comerica BankE Ralph Babb, CEO
Commerce BancorpTMr Bharat B. Masrani, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Commerce GroupTGerald Fels, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Commercial MetalsE T Mr Murray R. McClean, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CommScopeTFrank M. Drendel, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Community Health SystemsTMr Wayne T. Smith, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Complete Production ServicesTJoseph C. Winkler, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Computer SciencesE T Michael W. Laphen, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Computerworld (Computer World, NetworkWorld, Network World)E T Mr Scot Finnie, Editor-in-Chiefwww  T  Part of IDG
Con-wayTMr Douglas W. Stotlar, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ConAgra Foods (Reddi Wip, Hunt's, Swiss Miss, PAM, Boyardee, Healthy Choice, Orville Redenbacher's)E T Mr Gary M. Rodkin, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y  M   TCS   ECFO  

Jobs website  
IR website  
Conair Corporation
Conde Nast (Condenast)E Mr Charles Townsend, CEO (Bio)www  T   EPR   EHR  
Conn-Selmer (Vincent Bach)E Mr John Stoner, CEO ECS  
ConnectedHealthJohn Fiacco, CEOT  
ConocoPhillips (Conoco Phillips)E T Mr Ryan M. Lance, CEOwww  M  COP (NYSE100)
ConsecoE T C. James Prieur, CEOwww  M   EIR  
CONSOL EnergyTMr Nick Deluliis, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Consolidated DairiesE T Mr Frank Leitz, CEOwww   ECS  
Consolidated Edison (Con Edison, ConEdison)E T Mr John McAvoy, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   ECS  
Constant ContactE Ms Gail Goodman, CEOwww  T  CTCT (NASDAQ)
Constellation BrandsE T Mr Rob Sands, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Constellation EnergyE T Mr Mayo A. Shattuck III, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Consumer Equity PartnersE Mr Tom Furphy, CEOwww   ECS  
Consumer Reports MagazineE Mr James A. Guest, CEO (Bio)www   EPR  

Jobs website  
Continental AirlinesE T Mr Jeff Smisek, CEOwww  M  
Continental MillsE Mr John Heily, CEO
ConvergysE T Ms Andrea Ayers, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  
ConverseE Jim Calhoun, CEO
Cooper Tire & Rubber (Cooper Tires)E T Mr Roy V. Armes, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Cooper-Standard HoldingsE T Mr James S. McElya, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Core-Mark HoldingE T Mr J. Michael Walsh, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Corel (CorelDRAW, Paintshop Pro, WinDVD, WinZip, WordPerfect)E Mr Tom Berquist, CEO
Corn Products InternationalTSamuel C. Scott III, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CorningE T Mr Wendell P. Weeks, CEOwww  M   ECS  GLW (NYSE100)
Corsair MemoryE T Mr Andy Paul, CEOwww    T  M  
CorTrust BankE Mr Jack E. Hopkins, CEO
Costco WholesaleE T Mr Craig Jelinek, CEOwww  T  M   ECS  Department/Specialty Retail Stores
Coty (Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Philosophy)E Mr Michele Scannavini, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y  
Country Insurance & Fin. Svcs.E T John D. Blackburn, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Country Kitchen International (Country Kitchen Restaurants)E Mr Dennis LaVenture, VP Operations

Jobs website  
Countrywide FinancialE T Mr Angelo R. Mozilo, CEOwww  M   ECS  
coupons.comE Steven Boal, CEO
CovanceTJoseph L. Herring, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Coventry Health CareTDale B. Wolf, CEOwww  M  
Covered California (CoveredCA, Covered CA)E Mr Peter V. Lee, Executive DirectorT  
CovidienCOV (NYSE100)
Cox CommunicationsPatrick J. Esser, President (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
Cracker BarrelE Ms Sandra B. Cochran, CEO (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
Craftmatic IndustriesE Stanley Kraftsow, CEO
Craig's List (Craigs List, Mr Craig Newmark, Founderwww  T  
Craig's List (Craigs List, Mr Jim Buckmaster, CEOwww  T  
CraneTEric C. Fast, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Crawford and CompanyE T Mr Jeffrey Bowman, CEO (Bio)www  
CreateSpacePart of Amazon
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)E Richard Lovett, CEO
Creative Labs (Creative Technology)E Mr Sim Wong Hoo, CEO
Crete Carrier (CreteCarrier)E Tonn Ostergard, CEO
Crocs ShoesE Mr Andrew Rees, CEOwww  T   EIR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
Shoe Manufacturing
Crosstex EnergyE T Barry E. Davis, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Crown Castle
Crown HoldingsTMr John W. Conway, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation)E Mr Mike Lawrie, CEOwww  
CSK AutoTLawrence N. Mondry, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CST Brandswww  
CSXE T Mr Michael J. Ward, CEO (Bio)www  M  
CTG Holdings (The Camelot Technologies Group)E Mr Michael L. Weaver, CEOwww  
CTPartnersMr Brian Sullivan, CEOT  
CumminsE T Mr Tom Linebarger, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS   EIR  
Cumulus MediaE Mr Lewis W. Dickey, Jr., CEOwww  Broadcasting
CUNA Mutual GroupTJeffrey Post, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Cunningham Lynsey GroupE T Mr Philippe Bès, CEOwww  M  Owned by CVC Capital Partners
CVR EnergyE T Mr John J. Lipinski, CEOwww  M   ECS  
CVS CaremarkE T Mr Larry J. Merlo, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  CVS (NYSE100)
CW Television Network (CWTV)E Mr Mark Pedowitz, CEOwww  T  
Cytec IndustriesTDavid Lilley, CEOwww  M   ECS  
D-Link (DLink)E Roger Kao, CEO (Bio)www  T  
D.R. Horton HomeE T Mr David Auld, CEOwww    M   ECS  
Daily Kos (Dailykos)E Markos Moulitsas, Founderwww  T  
Dallas Safari ClubMr John Patterson, President (Bio)www  T   ECS  
Dana HoldingTMr Gary L. Convis, CEOwww  M   ECS  
DanaherE T Mr H. Lawrence Culp, Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  DHR (NYSE100)
Darden RestaurantsE T Mr Clarence Otis Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  
DAS FilmsMr Sriram Das, President
DatashackMarcus Beatty, President
DataSiftNick Halstead, Founderwww  T  
Dataware (Creative Multimedia Corporation)TMr Joe Krizan, CEO
Davis InstrumentsE Mr Jim Acquistapace, CEOwww  
DaVita Healthcare Partners E T Mr Kent J. Thiry, CEO (Bio)www  M   EIR   EHR  
Daybreak Game Company (Sony Online Entertainment, SOE)Mr John Smedley, President
DC ComicsE Mr Dan DiDio, Publisherwww  T  
Dean FoodsTMr Gregg L. Engles, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Death Row RecordsT  
Deckers Outdoor CorporationE Mr Angel Martinez, CEOShoe Manufacturing
DeereE T Mr Samuel R. Allen, CEOwww  M  DE (NYSE100)
DEF CON ConferenceE T Mr Jeff Moss
Def Jam RecordingsE T Mr Steve Bartels, CEOT  
Def Jam RecordingsMr Russell Simmons, Co-Founder
Del Monte FoodsTRichard G. Wolford, CEOwww  M   ECS  
DellE T Mr Michael Dell, CEOwww  M  
DelphiE T Mr Rodney O'Neal, CEOwww  M  
Delta Air Lines (Delta Airlines, North West Airlines, NWA)E T Mr Richard Anderson, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y  M  

Jobs website  
Delta Dental (AARP)E T Mr Gary D. Radine, CEO (Bio)www  
Delta Skymiles (Delta Sky Miles)E Mr Jeff Robertson, Vice President
Demand Media (, eHow)E Mr Shawn Colo, President (Bio)www  
IR website  
Dennys (Denny's)E T Mr John Miller, CEOwww   TCS  
Densus GroupE T Sam Rosenfeld, Chairman
www  M   ECS  
DentalPlans.comE Ms Jennifer Stoll, Presidentwww  T  F   EPR   TPR  
Dentsply InternationalTBret W. Wise, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Denver PostE T Mr Mac Tully, CEOwww  
DermalogicaE Ms Jane Wurwand, CEOwww  
Devon EnergyTMr J. Larry Nichols, CEOwww  M   ECS  DVN (NYSE100)
Diamond Resorts InternationalE Mr Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman
Diamonds InternationalMr Morris Gad, CEO
diapers.comE Ms Maria Renz, CEO (Bio)www  T  F   EPR  

Jobs website  
Dicks Sporting Goods (Dicks Sporting Goods)TMr Edward Stack, CEOwww  M   TCS   ECS  
DietToGoE T Hilton Davis, CEOwww  T  M  
DiggE Andrew McLaughlin, CEOwww  
Digicel JamaicaMark Linehan
DigifitE Mr Dean Hovey, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y  P  
Digital First MediaJohn Paton, CEO
Digital First Media (MediaNews Group)E T Mr John Paton, CEO (Bio)www   EPR   TPR  
Digital River (DigitalRiver)E Mr Dave Dobson, CEOwww  T   TCS   ECS   EIR  Retail: Computer Software & Peripheral Equipment
Dillard'sTMr William Dillard II, CEOwww  M   ECS  
DineEquity (Dine Equity, Applebees, IHOP Corporation, International House of Pancakes)E Ms Julia Stewart, CEOwww  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
Directv GroupE T Mr Michael White, CEOwww  T  M  Telecommunications Equipment
Discover Financial ServicesE Mr David W. Nelms, CEO (Bio)www  T  
Discovery CommunicationsE Mr David M. Zaslav, CEOwww  Television Services
DISH NetworkE T Mr Joseph Clayton, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Disney Cruise LineE Mr Karl Holz, CEO
DKNY (Donna Karan New York)TMr Mark Weber, CEO (Bio)www  F   ECS  

Jobs website  
DocstocE T Mr Jason Nazar, CEOwww    T  F  Y   ECS  
DocuSignE T Keith Krach, CEO (Bio)www  T   ECS   EPR   TPR  

Jobs website  
Dolce HotelsE Steven Rudnitsky, CEO (Bio)www  T  
DoleE Mr David Murdock, CEOwww  T  
Dole FoodTDavid A. DeLorenzo, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Dollar GeneralE T Mr Richard W. Dreiling, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Dollar Thrifty AutomotiveE T Mr Scott Thompson, CEOwww  M  Part of Hertz
Dollar TreeE T Mr Robert Sasser, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Dominion ResourcesTMr Thomas F. Farrell II, CEOwww  M   ECS  D (NYSE100)
Dominos (Domino's, Dominoes Pizza, Domino's Pizza)E T Mr J. Patrick Doyle, CEOwww  T  
Domtar Corporationwww  
DonaldsonE T William M. Cook, CEOwww  M   ECS  
DoverTMr Ronald L. Hoffman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Dow Chemical CompanyE T Mr Andrew N. Liveris, CEOwww  T  M  DOW (NYSE100)
Dr Pepper Snapple Groupwww  
DreamWorks Animation SKGMr Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEODWA (NASDAQ)
Dresser-Rand GroupTVincent R. Volpe Jr., CEOwww  M   ECS  
DroboE T Tom Buiocchi, CEOwww  T  F  Y  M   EHR  

Jobs website  
Dropbox (Hackpad, Mr Drew Houston, CEOwww  T  
DRS TechnologiesTMark S. Newman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
DST SystemsTMr Stephen C. Hooley, CEOwww  M   ECS  
DTE EnergyTMr Anthony F. Earley Jr., CEOwww  M  
Duane Reade HoldingsTDavid D'Arezzo, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Duck CommanderE Mr Willie Robertson, CEOwww  
Duke EnergyE T Ms Lynn J. Good, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  

Jobs website  
Dun & Bradstreet (Dun and Bradstreet)TMr Steven W. Alesio, CEOwww  T  F  Y  M   ECS  
IR website  
Dunkin' Donuts (Dunkin Donuts, Dunking Donuts, Dunkin' Brands Group)Mr Nigel Travis, CEORestaurants
Dupont (Du Pont)E T Ms Ellen Kullman, CEO (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
IR website  
DD (NYSE100)
DynCorp InternationalTHerbert J. Lanese, CEOwww  M   ECS  
DynegyTBruce A. Williamson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
E-Trade Financial (ETrade, E Trade, E*Trade)E T Mr Paul T. Idzik, CEOwww  M   ECS  ETFC (NASDAQ)
E.&J. Gallo WineryMr Joseph E. Gallo, CEO
E.W. ScrippsTKenneth W. Lowe, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Eastman ChemicalTMr J. Brian Ferguson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
EatonTAlexander M. Cutler, CEOwww  M   ECS  
eBay (Gumtree, e-bay, T Mr John Donahoe, President and CEO (Bio)www    T  M   TCS   ECS   EPR   ELegal   EHR  

Jobs website  
eBay VeRO (eBay Verified Rights Owner)E Mr Julien Dudouit, Global IP Brand Manager ECS  
EchelonE Mr Ron Sege, CEOwww   ECS   EIR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
Ecolab (Nalco)E T Mr Douglas M. Baker Jr., CEOwww  M  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
Eddie BauerE Mr Mike Egeck, CEOwww  T  
Edison InternationalE T Mr John E. Bryson, CEOwww  M  
Eggland's Best EggsE Charles Lanktree, CEO
eHarmonyE Dr Neil Clark Warrren, CEOM  
Eighty Legs (80 Legs)CEO Shion DeysarkarT  
El PasoTDouglas L. Foshee, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ElavonE Simon Haslam, CEO (Bio)Part of Bancorp
Electric EntertainmentMr Dean Devlin, CEO
Electronic Arts (EA, ElectronicArts, EA Games, EA Sports, Origin)E T Mr Andrew Wilson, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS  

Jobs website  
Electronic Data SystemsE T Mr Ronald A. Rittenmeyer, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ElementCaseE T Mr Jeff Sasaki, CEOT  
Eli LillyE T Mr John C. Lechleiter, CEOwww  M  LLY (NYSE100)
ElloE Paul Budnitz, Founderwww   EPR  
ElsevierE Mr Ron Mobed, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  

Jobs website  
EmbarqTwww  M   ECS  Taken over by CenturyLink
EMCE T Mr Joseph M. Tucci, CEOwww  M  EMC (NYSE100)
Emcor GroupE T Mr Anthony Guzzi, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Emerson ElectricE T Mr David N. Farr, CEOwww  M  EMR (NYSE100)
Empower Software SolutionsE Mr Jim Hoefflin, CEO (Bio)www  
eMusicE Mr Adam Klein, CEOwww  
Enbridge Energy PartnersE T Stephen J.J. Letwin, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Endo International E Dr Rajiv De Silva, CEOwww  
Endurance International Group (BizLand)E Mr Hari Ravichandran, CEOwww   EPR   EIR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
Energizer Holdings (includes Schick, Wilkinson Sword and Playtex)E T Mr Ward M. Klein, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS   EHR  

Jobs website  
Energy EastTWesley W. von Schack, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Energy Future HoldingsE T Mr John F. Young, CEOwww  M   EPR  
Energy Transfer EquityE T Mr Kelcy L. Warren, CEOwww  M   ECS  
EnergySolutions (Energy Solutions, Reactor Sites Management Company (RMSC), Duratek, GTS Duratek, SEG)David Lockwood, CEO
EntergyTMr J. Wayne Leonard, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Enterprise GP HoldingsTRalph S. Cunningham, CEOwww  M  
Enterprise Holdings (Alamo, ATESA, Citer, Enterprise, National, WeCar)E Andrew Taylor, CEOwww   EPR   TPR  
Enterprise Products Partnerswww  
EOG ResourcesE T Mr Mark G. Papa, CEOwww  M   ECS  EOG (NYSE100)
EpsilonE Bryan Kennedy, CEOwww  
Epson AmericaE Mr John Lang, CEO (Bio)www  
Equifax USAE T Rick Smith, CEO (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
Equity ResidentialTDavid J. Neithercut, CEOwww  M  
eReplacementparts.comE Mr David Fairbanks, CEOwww  
Erie Insurance GroupE T Mr Terrence W. Cavanaugh, CEOwww  M  
Ernst & Young (Ernst and Young, EY, Ernst Young)E Mr Jim Turley, CEOwww  
Estee LauderE T Mr Fabrizio Freda, CEOwww  M   ECS  
EtsyE Mr Chad Dickerson, CEOwww  T  
ETWNE Mr Michael P. Warsaw, CEOwww  
Euro-Pro Operating (Ninja, Shark)E Mr Mark Barrocas, President
Eventbrite (Event brite)E Mr Kevin Hartz, CEOwww  
Eventbrite (Event brite)E Ms Julia Hartz, President
EvernoteE Mr Phil Libin, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y  

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Evolving SystemsMr Thad Dupper, CEOEDP Services
EvomailMr Jonathan George, CEOwww  T  
ExelonE T Mr Christopher M. Crane, CEOwww  M   TCS   ECS  EXC (NYSE100)
Exide TechnologiesE T Mr James R. Bolch, CEOwww  M   ECS  
ExpaNaveen Selvadurai, Partnerwww  T  
Expedia ( T Mr Dara Khosrowshahi, CEOwww  T  M  

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Expedia Affiliates Network (EAN)E T Mr Arthur Hoffman, President
Expeditors International of WashingtonE T Mr Jeffrey Musser, CEOwww  M  EXPD (NASDAQ)
Express ScriptsE T Mr George Paz, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   EPR   TPR   EIR   TIR  

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IR website  
ExpressJet HoldingsTJames B. Ream, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Exterran HoldingsE T James T. McManus, CEO (Bio)www  M   ECS  
Exxon MobilE T Mr Rex W. Tillerson, CEOwww  M   ECS   ECFO  XOM (NYSE100)
Fab.comE Mr Jason Goldberg, CEOwww  T  Y   ECS  
FabKidsAndy Moss, CEO
Facebook (Face Book, FB)E T Mr Mark Zuckerberg, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO  

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FactorTrust (LendProtect, Lend Protect)E Mr Greg Rable, CEO ECS  
Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO)E Mr William Lansing, CEO (Bio)www   EIR  
Fairchild Semiconductor Intl.TMr Mark S. Thompson, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Fairway MarketE Bill Sanford, CEOwww  T  
Family Dollar StoresE T Mr Howard R. Levine, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Fancy (, The Fancy, Joe Einhorn, CEOwww  
Fannie MaeE T Mr Mike Williams, CEOwww  M  
FareCompareE T Mr Rick Seaney, CEOwww  T  
FastenalTWillard D. Oberton, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Federal Reserve
Federal-MogulTJose Maria Alapont, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Fedex (Federal Express, Fed Ex)E T Mr Frederick Smith, CEO (Bio)www    T  M  

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Fenway Sports Management (Fenway Sports Group)
Ferrellgas PartnersTJames E. Ferrell, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FerroTMr James F. Kirsch, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FGX International (Foster Grant)E Mr Cesar Melo, CEOwww  
Fidelity InvestmentsMr Edward Johnson, CEOwww  
Fidelity National FinancialTMr Alan L. Stinson, CEOwww  M  
Fidelity National Information ServicesTMr Frank R. Martire, CEOwww  M  
Fidelity Personal InvestingMs Kathleen Murphy, President
Fidelity Personal Workplace and Institutional ServicesMs Abigail Johnson, President
Fiduciary ManagementE T Mr Ted Kellner, CEO  
Fifth Third BancorpTMr Kevin T. Kabat, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FindTheBest ( Mr Kevin O'Connor, CEO (Bio)www  
FireMedia PartnersJohn Lack
First American Financial CorporationTMr Parker S. Kennedy, CEOwww  M   ECS  
First DataTMr Michael Capellas, CEOwww  M   ECS  
First Horizon National Corp.TGerald L. Baker, CEOwww  M   ECS  
First Look Media (The Intercept)E Mr Pierre Omidyar, CEO
First Premier BankE T Mr Dana Dykhouse, CEOwww  
FirstEnergy (Allegheny Energy, West Penn Power, Mon Power, Potomac Edison)E T Mr Charles E. Jones, CEO (Bio)www  M  

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FirstEnergy (First Energy)TMr Charles E. Jones, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  
FiscalNoteTim Hwang, CEOT  
FiservTJeffery W. Yabuki, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Fitness First Health Clubs
FitpitE Mr James Park, CEO
FleetCor Technologies (AllStar)E Mr Ronald F. Clarke, CEO (Bio)www  
Fleetwood EnterprisesE T Elden L. Smith, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Flowers FoodsTMr George E. Deese, CEOwww  M  
FlowserveTLewis M. Kling, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FluidSurveysE Mr Aydin Mirzaee, CEOT   ECS  
FluorE T Mr David T. Seaton, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FM GlobalTShivan S. Subramaniam, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FMCTWilliam G. Walter, CEOwww  M  
FMC TechnologiesTMr Peter D. Kinnear, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FoliageTim Bowe, CEO
Food and Chemical Toxicology E T A. Wallace Hayes, Editor-in-Chief (Bio)
www  Published by Elsevier
Food City (Foodcity)E T Mr Steven C. Smith, CEOwww  
Foot Locker (FootLocker)E T Mr Ken C. Hicks, CEOwww  M   EIR  
Forbes MediaMr Steve Forbes, CEOwww  
Ford MotorE T Mr Mark Fields, CEO (Bio)www  M   EPR  F (NYSE100)
Forest LaboratoriesE T Mr Howard Soloman, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Forever 21E Mr Do Won Chang, CEOwww  T  
Forrester Research
Fortune BrandsTBruce A. Carbonari, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FotoliaE Mr Oleg Tscheltzoff, CEO
Foundry GroupE Mr Brad Feld, Managing Director (Bio)www  
Foursquare (Four Square)Mr Dennis Crowley, CEOT   EPR  
Fox NewsE Mr Roger Ailes, CEOwww  
Fox Rent a Car (Fox Rental)E T Mr Mark Masoud Mirtorabi, CEO ECS  
Foxit SoftwareMr George Z. Gao, President (Bio)www  
FPL GroupTMr Lewis Hay III, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Franklin Corporation (Franklin Furniture, Franklin Corp.)E T Mr Hassell Franklin, CEO (Bio)www  
Franklin ResourcesTMr Gregory E. Johnson, CEOwww  M  BEN (NYSE100)
Fred'sTMichael J. Hayes, CEOwww  M   ECS  
Freddie MacE T Mr Donald Layton, CEOwww  T  M  
Frederick's of HollywoodE Thomas Lynch, CEOwww   TCS   ECS  
Freedom IndustriesE T Mr Gary Southern, Presidentwww    M  
Freedom Mortgage CorporationE Mr Stan Middleman, CEOwww   TCS  

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FreedomPopMr Stephen Stokols, CEOwww  T  
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & GoldE T Mr Richard C. Adkerson, CEOwww  M   ECS  FCX (NYSE100)
Freescale SemiconductorE Mr Gregg Lowe, CEOwww  T  Owned by Blackstone
Frito-Lay CompanyE Mr Albert Carey, CEOwww  
Frontier AirlinesE Mr David Siegel, CEOwww  T  

Jobs website  
Frontier CommunicationsE T Ms Maggie Wilderotter, CEOwww  T  FTR (NASDAQ)
Frontier OilTJames R. Gibbs, CEOwww  M   EHR  
FrontRange Solutions (GoldMine, SaaS)E Michael McCloskey, CEOwww  
FTD Flowers (Florists' Transworld Delivery)E T Mr Robert S. Apatoff, CEO (Bio)www    T  
Fujitsu America (Fujitsu USA)E T Mr Robert D. Pryor, CEOwww  
Furniture Brands InternationalTMr Ralph P. Scozzafava, CEOwww  M   ECS  
FWD.usE Mr Joe Green, PresidentT  F   EHR  
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